W Albert Edwards

Portrait of W Albert Edwards
*Photo by Tom Netherland

W Albert Edwards


Latest Single – Senorita (Dos Cervezas)


W Albert Edwards writes with a warmth and rustic elegance most modern mainstream Country and Americana styles have lost. His music, full of finger-picked melodies and frank, graceful lyrics about life, combines a familiar Appalachian depth with hints of Western, red-dirt twang— all fashioned with the structure and ease of the best rock songs. “I try to take a complex thought and express it in a simpler way… To be able to explain something with precise language, but also provide enough space for listeners to let the idea play out in their own way… that’s the goal.”

His songs reflect his belief in the simple, indelible beauty found in the songs of his Americana heroes, from Guy Clark’s effortless delivery to Townes Van Zandt’s moody sincerity. “That’s the kind of musician I admire– the ones who write on their own terms and for the sake of the song.”

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